Construction of a new commuter/suburban railway Gradec – Sveti Ivan Žabno

Project: Construction of a new commuter/suburban railway Gradec – Sveti Ivan Žabno 

Service: Consulting of constructor

Project value: cca 193,5 mil. kn (VAT not included)

Project period: 10/2015. – 01/2018.

Client: Comsa S.A.U. (Spain) i H. F. Wiebe GmbH &CO.KG (Germany)

Investor: HŽ Infrastruktura

Financing: the project is co-financed from EU funds in the amount of 85%

About the project:

The new railway line Gradec – Sveti Ivan Žabno has the purpose of linking the city of Bjelovar and the entire Bjelovar region to the city of Zagreb

By building the route, the journey from Bjelovar to Zagreb will take about one hour

Predicted as a single-track line, and in the future as an electrified line

In terms of importance in international and domestic transport, the railroad will be classified as railway lines of local transport importance

Project scope:

  • new 12.2 km single-track non-electrified railway track
  • construction of the railroad bed/subgrade (embankments, shutters, slopes, drainage, railway-road crossings at the same level)
  • construction of ballast and sub-ballast (upgrade)
  • three stations (Lubena, Remetinec Križevački i Haganj) with shelters and parking lots
  • installations of signalling and telecommunication devices in accordance with the requirements for railway lines of local transport importance
  • reconstruction existing stations Sveti Ivan Žabno and Gradec
  • construction of three overpasses, three underpasses and one bridge
  • reconstruction of existing roads (about 9 km), construction of new roads and connecting roads (cca. 1.3 km)
  • construction of electrical power connections, external and internal lighting
  • construction of noise protection
  • production of detailed design of the signalling and telecommunication subsystem and production of „as built “drawings

Consultancy services